"Aman Iman water is life..."

Only 5% of the population has access to drinking water near their camps. Children - and especially young girls - have to walk miles to fetch water to the detriment of their education.

Despite the geopolitical problems of this African sub-region and of neighboring countries, we will never cease offering our support for this area of Niger which, stripped of all external support, finds itself in a dramatic situation and struggling to survive. Immediate action is essential; it would be criminal to abandon these populations. We cannot allow exceedingly rare and unsanitary water poison the children there.

We build and renovate wells for livestock, community gardens, and villages, to improve these population' access to water and general living conditions.

We currently provide education to hundreds of children, help teach and empower women, contribute to better healthcare services by building dispensaries and actively participate in the consolidation of peace .

Our organisation "Les Puits du Désert" and its Nigerien partner  "Tidene NGO"  operate in the north of Niger, in a region as vast  as France, with an estimated population of approximately 100,000 people.

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