To date, we have built 297 water points, namely:
116 pastoral wells
152 market garden wells
29 village wells
4 solar boreholes

And we have built or set up:
16 classes in 8 schools
5 women's cooperatives with donkey carts
5 grain mills
2 health centers attended by more than 5,000 people
1 market gardening and cereal cooperative which has already marketed more than 1000 tonnes of onions, potatoes, etc.

We are supporting more than 80,000 people in the Agadez region, including 120 ex-combatants who have been converted into gardeners.

We remain more than ever mobilized in this desert area from all points of view.

Despite the geopolitical problems of this African sub-region and its neighboring countries, we are relentlessly maintaining our support for this area of ​​Niger stripped of all external support and in a dramatic situation of survival.

It is urgent to act and it would be criminal to abandon these populations.

It is unacceptable to let unsafe and unsafe water poison children.

The infant mortality rate linked to water-borne diseases in northern Niger is the highest in the world.


You are an individual, you can:

* Join our association. Please send us a prepaid letter specifying your name and address, accompanied by a check for 35 euros.
* Send us a donation for the construction of wells, for schools in the valley or to support farmers. Click on the yellow "DONATE" button.
* Sponsor a child's studies in primary or secondary, send us an email at

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You are a company, a local authority, a foundation, you can:
* Finance the construction of wells,
* Take charge of part of the operation of the school,
* Organize various events with us (exhibitions, shows, conferences, etc.)

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Our engagement :
The association "Les Puits du Désert" is committed to the rigorously controlled use of your donations (the association's accounts are checked and certified each year by an auditor).

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Tax Reduction:

The association "Les Puits du Désert" certifies on its honor that the donations and payments that it receives open the right to the tax reduction provided for in articles 200 and 238 of the General Tax Code.

For individuals, this donation is deductible up to 66% within the limit of 20% of taxable income.

For companies, the donation is deductible up to 60% within the limit of 5 per thousand of turnover (carry forward over 5 years).

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