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Meet the members of "Les Puits du Désert"  organisation and  Tidene NGO

Access to Water, Education, Healthcare Services

The association “Les Puits du Désert” and “Tidène NGO” have worked for over 15 years in the north of Niger, in an immense region that combines pastoral areas in the south and a settled area in the Tidène Valley. Thanks to our actions, community gardening is a now widespread phenomenon.

Our actions target a population of approximately 100,000 people, by:

  • Building and  renovating wells for drinking water and sanitation.

  • Building wells for community gardening and installing irrigation systems.

  • Building wells for livestock, which are essential for pastoralist.

  • Building schools and sponsoring children.

  • Financially  supporting university students.

  • Creating women's cooperatives.

  • Ensuring women's literacy, education, and empowerment.

  • Offering better acces to healthcare services by building dispensaries.

  • Undertaking ad hoc actions in the event of events (floods, food crises, etc.).


Meet the members of  

" Les Puits du Désert " and " Tidène NGO "

Christel Pernet


"Les Puits du désert"

Christel Pernet has been involved in humanitarian action in Africa for several years. She founded the association “Les Ailes du Désert” in 1998, combining her passion for piloting and humanitarian aid in Africa.


The association “Les Puits du Désert” followed in 2002, when she moved to the Ténéré Desert in Niger. Her encounter with Mohamed Ixa would shape both of their futures.


There, she discovered the difficulties of life in the desert and found that most of the problems (lack of education, lack of food, infant mortality, etc.) stem from the scarcity of water.

Mohamed xa


Tidene NGO

Having founded the association “Tidène NGO” in 2004 to help the Tuareg people of northern Niger, Mohamed Ixa is a Tuareg himself, who works tirelessly to promote his country and, in particular, the Tidène Valley.


A renowned Ténéré Desert tour guide, he worked alongside Mano Dayak to organize thousands of trips through his agency until 2007.


Convinced that his region urgently requires access to water before it can focus on any other aspects of development and security, he is deeply invested when it comes to spreading the word about his people, their issues, and the associated humanitarian and economic challenges.

Vanessa N'Diaye


"Les Puits du Désert"

Social ethnologist and project manager Vanessa has spent over 14 years in Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, and the Sahel region.

She is fluent in Tamasheq (one of the Tuareg languages).


She has worked for various cooperation agencies (French, German, Danish) in Africa and with the Ministries of Tourism, Small-Scale Industries, and Hydraulics,

and has consulted for numerous other organizations.

She is well acquainted with African associations and the sectoral policies of the Sahel.

Ibrahim Rissa Ikssa


Tidene NGO


Having grown up in the African bush, Ibrahim was sponsored by the association “Les Puits du Désert” and was able to study in Europe and the United States. Following a 2-year Master’s Degree in Management and Marketing, he returned to Niger to manage “Tidène NGO”.


He hopes – amongst his other goals – to convince Tuaregs from diaspora communities to return to the country, to support the local populations.

By sharing their experiences with these populations, they will create jobs for young workers, the rate of which is growing exponentially.


The Steering Committee

This Steering Committee is composed of 15 elected representatives who can be re-elected every 3 years, and a Youth Division comprising 3 students. Each member has an assigned role, and brings his or her skills and commitment to all of the association’s actions.

President : Christel PERNET

Vice-Presidents : Nadine SIONNEAU, Alain DUPOUY, Karim JERIBI

Treasurer : Philippe OSOUF

Chief Administrative Officer : Sylviane MEUNIER

Director : Vanessa N'DIAYE

Members : Laurence BOBILLIER, Bernard AUBONNET, Michel DASPET,

Patrice DREVET, Jean Marc PAMBET, René SCHILD, Jean Christophe SIBELYA.

The Youth Pole

To promote the association within the student community and offer innovative projects, we have created a Youth Divisiob, entrusted to 3 future engineers: Calixte Gautier, Mahé Chaon, Théo Hoehnen

Our history

Our history is the result of rich and fortuitous encounters.

2002   Christel Pernet met the Tuareg chief Mohamed lxa during a forced landing in the Ténéré Desert, while taking part in a humanitarian aid airdrop with “Air Solidarité

2004 ”Les Puits du Désert” and “Tidène NGO” were created, and a partnership agreement was signed.

- Number of wells completed: 59

- Number of schools built: 1

2006  The Lago Community School was built.

- Number of wells completed: 79

2009  "Les Puits du Désert" and  Tidene NGO were  selected by the World Bank for the "Development Market"

- Number of wells completed: 121

2012  "Les Puits du Désert" and Tidene NGO took part in the World Water Forum.

- Number of wells completed: 193

2013  Phase 1 of the “Security and Development” Program was  launched in the Aïr Mountains.
- Number of wells completed: 203

2014  The Toubouheit School was built

2016 Phase 2 Program "Security and Development" Program was launched

- Number of wells completed: 233

2017  The Boudari School was renovated

- Number of wells completed: 250

2018  The Egarwey School was built, and a solar-powered water borehole was completed in Tiffeye Ménial.

- Number of wells completed: 271

2019  4 women's cooperatives were created, the Yoga, Maïguachi, Abaka and Intawagré Schools were built, solar-powered water boreholes were completed in Dangago and Abaka, and phase 3 of the "Security and Development" program was launched.

- Number of wells completed: 280

2020  Solar drilling in Echkar, health hut in Intawagre

- Number of wells completed: 297

The delegations

The 6 regional delegations, each managed by a member of the Committee, allow  for closer  relationships with the local communities.

  • Aquitaine delegation

  • Armoric Delegation

  • Artois Picardie delegation

  • Occitanie Delegation

  • Provence-Côte d'Azur delegation

  • Delegation   Auvergne- Rhône- Alps

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