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The “Development and Security” Project in the Aïr Mountains and the Agadez Region

“Let us lay down our weapons and plant trees”

This project, launched in 2013, aims to improve the economic situation and to increase the income of ex-combatants by allowing them to work in community gardens.

This initiative strives to consolidate peace and ensure stability in each of the 15 villages concerned.

In each of these villages, a village community well and numerous community garden wells have been built.

 Those who were entrusted with gardens received training in farming and arboriculture, and every family learned about hygiene and sanitation.

We are convinced that the biggest problems in the Sahel region are not political, but economic.Amidst recent conflicts, it became obvious that local populations needed our support in their economic development. The objectives of this initiative are to provide support, significantly consolidate peace in the area, and avoid the risk of idle and frustrated youths turning towards radicalization.

Almost 22,000 people now have access to quality drinking water. 

 - More than 1,000 people benefit directly from the produce harvested in the gardens irrigated by the community garden wells.

 - More than 120 people have received training in arboriculture and agriculture, and, with incomes multiplied by 10, they can make a living from this new profession.

 - 5 cooperatives in the Valley export produce from the community gardens to various markets in the sub-region.


The situation in the region has stabilized, and social and ethnic conflicts have ceased.

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