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Transparent Management
Any action’s legitimacy inevitably depends on its clarity and on expectations in terms of how it will actually work, but its financial aspect is also critical. It is with this in mind that our association “Les Puits du Désert” draws up a report of its activities every year, covering everything from the origin and use of its resources to the final results.

Our Partners’ Trust
To For a humanitarian organization to be acknowledged and considered effective, it is impossible to work alone. “Les Puits du Désert” is supported by various national and international institutions, agencies, foundations, and companies. For a full list, head to the “Partners” tab.

Management Ensured by Solid Guarantees

“Les Puits du Désert” is a non-profit association under Law 1901, authorized to issue a tax receipt allowing for a tax deduction. Each year, an independent external auditor guarantees the regularity and fairness of our accounts.


Our donors exercise permanent control over our accounts, both at our headquarters and on the ground.

Aman Iman, water is life!



Water for Agriculture, Drinking, Livestock, and Hygiene

297 wells built and renovated

116 Pastoral wells
152 market garden wells
29 village wells

4 Solar boreholes

29 Hygiene training

+ Awareness sessions with traveling theater
+ 150 Training of water point management committees

Having to fetch water, meaning that they can focus on school they can go to school...

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