Financial Summary 2019


Total resources for the 2019 financial year amounted to € 901,689 (US$ 1,078,780). These resources correspond to grants and private financial contributions, afforded on the basis of agreements signed during the financial year, or collected for those not covered by an agreement.


Resources from public funds came to a total of € 569,914 (US$ 681,845). 
Resources from private financial contributions came to a total of € 331,775 (US$ 396,935).


These resources, net of those set to be used in 2020 for projects spanning more than one year, have enabled social missions to be carried out in France for € 28,435 (US$ 34,019) – student sponsorships –, and in Niger for € 479,226 (US$ 573,345) – wells, community gardens, cooperatives, education, food, medicine, and Tidène NGO operations.


Fundraising costs, in the amount of € 135,994 (US$ 162,703), correspond mainly to costs related to the organization of charitable events, as well as those related to the preparation and follow-up of applications for grants and private financial contributions.


Operating costs, amounting to € 35,565 (US$ 42,549), correspond to miscellaneous management, travel, and telecommunications costs.

The two graphs above summarize our resources and our jobs for the year 2019.

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